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Tips to get lower back pain under control

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

To help keep lower back pain at bay recent studies show that a common sense approach is best.  Make sure you're doing the following:

-Get proper sleep

-Eat a balanced diet

-Don't smoke

-Make sure you breathe properly - this is made easier if you have good movement around your middle spine. Make sure to do some gentle trunk twists in sitting or stretch your arms up to the ceiling a few times per hour. Especially if you have a desk based job

-Get a variety of different exercise and movements in your day. If you sit, then walk and stretch backwards more

-Learn how to relax your back and abdomen

-Don't try to force yourself into a 'perfect posture' all day as this leads to exhaustion and muscle tightness - variety beats stationary

-Do not place to much emphasis on MRI findings - STRESS is a x3 better predictor of pain than an MRI result

-Get stress under control - learn how to relax your mind through mindfulness and meditation

-make sure the exercises you do are FUNCTIONAL - learn how to squat, lunge, sit to stand in a relaxed way

-gradually build your exercise tolerance at your a pace that suits you and your body

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