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Introducing the Next Generation in Physical Therapy and Training for Athletes.

Athletes can maximise their peak performance using NASA inspired differential air-pressure technology. The AlterG® Pro 200+ utilises NASA’s exciting and innovative differential air-pressure technology, to unweight athletes with an unparalleled level of precision. By using the AlterG® machine athletes are able to achieve up to an incredible 80% reduction in full body weight impact, with adjustability offered in increments as tiny as 1%. The machine provides a truly customized and dialed-in work out and rehab experience that is very hard to beat.

AlterG’s precision unweighting helps athletes to:

  • Take on physical therapy earlier following an injury or surgery.

  • Take part in more challenging rehab programs, bringing better results which can facilitate a return to competition in a shorter time-frame.

  • Increase training volume, without the increased the risk of injury.

  • Maintain and achieve greater fitness whilst undertaking rehabilitation.

  • Remain engaged and motivated with clear objective, data-driven feedback.

To learn more about AlterG click here.

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