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Telehealth Appointments:

Education and exercise are the key components of all injury management and fortunately both of these treatments can be delivered effectively via a Telehealth appointment. Physitrack software allows us to share our desktop with you via live streaming including exercise videos and educational information to help teach you your exercises and implement your rehab and training plan. 

We understand that many of you may not have access to exercise equipment at home; this should not be an issue as we have access to over thousands videos of exercises using body weight and apparatus found in every home. If you do require equipment (theraband, spikey balls, foam rollers) to complete your program we will happily post them out to you.

To have a Telehealth appointment all you need to do is call reception and book to see your preferred practitioner letting them know you would like a Telehealth appointment. This appointment can take place from your phone or tablet. You will then need to download the free Physiapp for your device from the Apple or Android store. Reception will then email you an access code to login to the app. This code securely links your account with our patient management software at the clinic. To attend your appointment all you have to do is have your app open on the device and wait for the call.

Telehealth appointments are now covered under private health insurance rebates. 

To make an appointment please phone 95988221

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