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Leg Injury

Bayside Sports Medicine Group is thrilled to have Sport and Exercise Physician Dr. Tim Barbour consulting from our clinic. 

Sport and Exercise Physicians are medical doctors with specialist training in the management of sports injuries and illnesses, as well as the development of specific exercise programs tailored to each individual’s personal needs and limitations.

They are often the first point of contact with the Sports Medicine team:
● Assessing and diagnosing injuries or illness
● Devising and coordinating a comprehensive, multifaceted management program
● Managing medical problems in the context of exercise e.g. asthma, heart disease, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies
● Assisting adolescents and younger people with sport and exercise issues
● Developing exercise programs for the relatively inactive and those with chronic diseases

Dr. Barbour is experienced in looking after elite athletes, and he applies these principles to the management of all patients, whether they are recreational athletes, manual workers or those with chronic diseases simply wanting to safely increase their activity levels.

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