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The Benefits of Clinical Pilates / Rehabilitation:

The benefits of clinical pilates / rehabilitation are immense – but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at some of the tried and true health benefits of Pilates below. * Improve Core Strength Our clinical Pilates classes at Bayside Sports Medicine Group are designed to exercise targeted muscles to improve core strength. Core strength is important in everyday activities like sitting or standing for extended periods of time, lifting weight, walking longer distances and playing sports. * Toned Muscles Tone muscles to look and feel your best. * Increase Flexibility Increase flexibility and joint mobility to help with sports performance and everyday activities, such as gardening, house work and playing with the children. * Reduce Back and Neck Pain By targeting core muscles including the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, diaphragm and multifidus muscles, our clinical pilates / rehabilitation address weaknesses that cause back and neck pain. * Reduce Pelvic and Lower Back Pain If you suffer from pain anywhere in the pelvic girdle, clinical Pilates can help by targeting (and reconditioning) core pelvic floor, gluteal and abdominal muscles. * Prevent Injury Clinical Pilates is great for preventing injury – it helps to build strong muscles that are more resilient and less susceptible to tearing, tiring and dysfunction. Pilates also help to stabilise joints to prevent displacement. * Improve Balance and Coordination Doing regular Pilates is a great way to improve muscle control to assist in balance and coordination. It can even improve your motor skills. * Correct Posture Clinical Pilates gives your body the strength to correct postural imbalances (such as slouching) that may cause pain or discomfort on a daily basis. * Improve Pelvic Floor Function The strength of the pelvic floor can become compromised during and after pregnancy, after surgery or simply with age or injury. Weakness in the pelvic floor can lead to urinary incontinence, difficulty getting up from a chair and pain in the pelvic girdle. Clinical Pilates can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to improve function and reduce pain. * Aid Rehabilitation After Injury or Surgery Injury and surgery can weaken muscles and cause them to lose their natural patterns of movement. Clinical Pilates strengthens and re-trains the muscles to function how and when you need them. * Improve Overall Fitness As well as strengthening the core muscles, clinical Pilates strengthens, stretches and tones other muscles to improve overall fitness. It may also help you to build up cardio exercise, and increase flexibility and endurance. * Improve Stability By strengthening the core muscles, clinical Pilates improve core stability so that you can sit, stand and move more comfortably. * Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy Pre- and post-natal Pilates are designed to help your body cope with the stresses of pregnancy. Building up strength in abdominal and pelvic floor muscles reduces pain and combats the risk of abdominal muscle separation. * Enhance Overall Wellbeing Regular light exercise improves overall wellbeing by keeping you fit, active and stimulating the release of endorphins to make you feel great!

To start building better health through clinical Pilates, view our Clinical Pilates Timetable now. Note* this will be made available online once Stage 4 restrictions lift. To make an appointment for Pilates / Clinical Rehab or physiotherapy, contact the team at Bayside Sports Medicine Group on 03 95988221 today.

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